Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MDA new rules on websites

The new measures are understandably unpopular among those who comment on the local scene. The government will have Yahoo News in its net come Saturday. Netizens feared that many of their favorite and highly trafficked sites will be next. It has already got TOC worried. I haven't seen TRE put out their response. I think the fear is overdone. This is like DRM or software copy protection in the old days. It wouldn't work. In fact the government will lose and their trust capital will diminish further. Also this government cannot use Chinese methods as it has to face the voters every five years. Additionally unlike China, we are small and open. Didn't help the government that want control that our mainstay language is English.

Government measures to rein us in can only inconvenience us at worst. If you do not know how to be shrewd in responding to the government, you don't deserve to triumph or get voters' support. Interestingly the alternative political parties have such small Internet footprints. They are clever. As for me, what do I care? I am only blogging for myself and family.

Update: 10:00pm

Perhaps as I am dispassionate about this, I could also be rational. If you over react and the government do not act on any of your imagined fears, you would look much less credible. So don't get overly excited, "Ai steady mah! tio boh?"

Update: 10:30pm

I am slow because I am not in the media business, but here is a new thought. I think the new MDA rules is to level the playing field between the MSM and Yahoo because it is becoming a shadow news enterprise. Eventually Bertha Henson's Breakfast Network (they must try to monetize their content) could also be included. Our regulators apply the same thinking and principles to the banks too. E.g., Paypal, a non-traditional competitor to the banks and credit card companies.

Update: May 29, 1:50pm

I tried to read as many of the blogs on this topic as listed by Singapore Daily as possible. Their reaction is as expected and I believe MDA and MITA expected the same too. For me, I rank government transparency and accountability much higher than innuendos and conspiracy theories.

I agree with Bryan Tan published in TRE that the law is too broad but that's has been the way this government operate in areas which they are not familiar and want to have flexibility. I think it is a bad habit and they get away with this far too easily. Unlike many bloggers I feel the government is also groping its way in the dark. Those questions they posed have no answers. Everyone should just go an understand the OB markers and we will all be able to coexist.

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