Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waiting for Acer

The Desktop now acts up regularly every day especially the first turn on in the morning.

I contacted Acer a couple of days ago. They now have the evidence including the hard to get one (see pic on the left).

I hope this can be successfully resolved before the warranty expires, making this PC three years old. Rare that I have a PC lasting so long. I over work it every day. Well, I had an Acer laptop that lasted seven years but I only think it was good for so long, but very slow because I hardly used it. I traded it in for a Notebook last year, fearing that this Desktop was going to give up on me.

Birthday presents

My elder daughter told me she thought a couple of her closer friends would give her birthday presents. They haven't. She had given them very thoughtful and nice presents for their birthday earlier. Well she understand that one should never give expecting return in kind. That's true but I know this goes deeper. She would be tempted to think that she takes them more seriously than they do.

These disappointments are usually needed for our maturation. Of course quite a few people refuse to grow up. Sadly today, and they didn't know for now only, they can because of the wealth buffer.

Well there might be a happier ending this round. They might still be shopping for her presents because they want to give as good as they got. These girls might not have parents as supportive as us. So they need more time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nasi Lemak to up price

From April 1, and this is no April's Fool joke, Nasi Lemak downstairs ( I always thought they eminently qualify to supply cheap meals to the poor) the stall holder just told me awhile ago that prices will go up by 30 cents. I had always wondered how they kept their prices constant for so long. The answer is they can't.

Next to watch is the prawn noodle stall. I think it should be coming too.

Development milestone

She told me that she is now able to laugh at herself. Even a couple of her classmates noticed but this is one key milestone from a special needs kid.

I was there before but then they didn't have a name or recognition for it. The Lord took care of it and as usual is not afraid to let many years passed to be recognized for it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wifey got an A*

Just received an SMS from her that she achieved an A* for the test conducted by IBF held at the MAS this morning. She needs this for her new job on REITS. Of course lots of hard work needed. It is a space she is not familiar with. Over time the sotong will become smaller and smaller. I hope she doesn't stop there but deepen in insight too.

Well, I also helped her with the math bit for this test.

A few hours later...

I got to see the certificate.

In the top band and finished early too.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Remember the Japanese Tsunami

The link to this YouTube video came in the email a while ago. We don't need more of such videos really. I am putting it up here as a reminder. In the months and years ahead, as we look back and remember.

Gary Thomas: Sacred Marriage

I have given away a few copies of this book over the past two or three years. The results as far as I can tell has been disappointing. People mostly don't want to pursue holiness. Without being conscious of it, in a rich country, they are confident they can create a semblance of heaven and achieve happiness here. And no point telling them this: they are in denial.

This book first came to my notice when  pastor I have befriended on Facebook shared it. Then I found it at Bethesda Bookstore. The price was good and I bought several copies to give away.

At the right time and certainly before they have boy friends, this is a book I would highly recommend to my daughters. But for those who do not love the Lord or at least pretend to be: you don't know until there is a crisis, it is a waste of time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Irrational Supermarket Discounts

We were at Cold Storage Jelita this afternoon and I noticed special offers that don't make sense. Of course I would buy two packs of six instead of a box of twelve isn't it? I spot this sort of mistakes all the time.

Well you might say the packs of twelve aren't on offer. Then might as well not sell them. Some shoppers would mistakenly pick up the poorer offer and they might discover and complain. Not a good idea.

The wonders of Yosemite

Got this in the email again. Simply loved it. Should double click and see the full display version in HD. Don't you want to be there? Camp there from late winter to early spring. We visited there once on a day trip in November many years ago.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friends of the Earth: New shower head

What Earth's Hour? Once a year, how much does it count? What matters are habits that support the environment.

Today we changed our shower head to one that uses 40% less water. We paid $26.90 for it at Carrefour. A bonus that it produces a nice gentle spray.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday card going out

This card goes out to a chap I have not met for more than 25 years. He was a young boy when I first knew him. Now he suffers from a chronic illness and finding employment is very difficult.

Comes Monday, he will add another year to his life. May he grow to become aware of the Lord's guidance through his overflowing grace.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Each time I bought durians from these buggers from up north, I am not happy. The fruit is good but everything else was absurd.

If I didn't want badly to get this for wifey, I wouldn't do business with these chaps. This is the last time.

I think the place to go to is Tanglin Halt but I hate making the car smells afterward.

I found George

George had approached me earlier this month whilst I was buying food at the hawker centere. This afternoon it was me who found him. Again he asked for $2. Since he was alone, I took the opportunity to ask him why he needs the money. He told me he was short. I asked how was he making a living. Well, he lives in Block 18. Since he owns the place, he has rented part of the house and living off the rental.

This time, I noticed he was toothless. I wondered what had happened, but I was in a hurry to bring lunch back to the children.

Something tells me that if we chanced upon each other, he would ask me for $2 again. Not a problem. I shall learn his story sometime. Meanwhile he doesn't look the worse for wear. Let it be for now.

Renovation again

Oh no, a neighbor is going to undergo noisy hacking again. This time both lifts are fitted this way. I thought they were supposed to do it on only one elevator?

So soon after the last reno :-(

Have been getting calls from property agents to sell. No thank you!

Addendum: The started work soon enough. Fortunately they are working far below and I only hear faint and dull sounds.

Mom's Birthday

She would be 71 today had she not passed away. Passed away too early eight years ago from GBM. Her gift to the world are the two websites I created. Glad to know that they have been godsend to so many people.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holland Village MRT station

Took this photo after bringing the kids for ice cream at Swensens last evening.

Looks like the Holland V MRT stations are practically ready. May be they are just testing the systems and working on the last things. If I am not wrong, the target is to open it for service sometime middle of this year.

"Heaven is too harsh"

Those were the words in Japanese from a teenager during their high school graduation ceremony. For those who were absent, fathers weeping quietly holding a portrait if theit child respectfully took their places among the graduands. Throughout the day these pictures on TV stayed with me.

If you ask God why all these had happened. As in 2004, you will not get an answer.

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Daughter turns 16 today

What do I wish her on her 16th birthday? This would be best, I think: Learn to understand and practice the margin of safety. Of course, I borrow this from the world of Investing.

Margin of Safety is not about passively playing it safe. It is intensely active. It is not focusing on safety, which is the by product. It is about RISK!

Experience, which takes time and knowledge, which demands study is the time tested way to manage risk. This is not enough because sometime we have to throw caution to the wind, but a young person is not likely to be equipped to act correctly and wisely this way yet. What is needed is prayer and the God given faith that comes with it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Waste of time talking to the Government

See this blog entry by Siew Kum Hoong.

This is just one shred of evidence that we are gradually becoming like governments elsewhere. They mustn't be surprised that consequently the ranks of Opposition members in parliament will grow. Of course we can expect them to be poor rather than gracious losers when it finally happens.

You play politics with us, we are forced to respond accordingly. Can't be helped as we don't want to be bullied.

Eventually governance will become more short term in Singapore. As a result there would be existential problems we cannot solve.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Romans 8:28-39 in theory and life

My respond to an email earlier today. When I wrote them the following, their reply was Rom 8:28-39, an all time favorite. I prefer not to borrow passages of scripture. I feel that it is more personal and sincere to share from how I had experienced the word and learned from it.

In a world of church mates instead of brothers and sisters, we rarely point specifically to our testimonial experience of the word. To be practical, we have become more private and compensating, we need to be more gracious. We tend to write as below. As our effort increase, so we need even more grace from God.

Looks like there are big changes ahead for both of you. May both of you come out as gold through testing times. 

Your plan is good. I can't think of anything better but I am also reminded of George Muller's good plans and how God changed them. Whenever he does that, his plan wouldn't look attractive rationally and emotionally. Its superiority would take many years to prove because his ways are beyond us. So be prepared with prayer and an open mind as Peter also did before going to see Cornelius.
In the end, we make plans because God gives us a mind to use. Those who don't use it are lazy. We make plans so that we might surrender them to him and let him be Lord over and over again. Each of us must work our land as Adam also had, but we will have to look to him for the sun and the rains appearing at the right time. When working, we do it like there is no God. When we stopped either to rest or because they are done, we view our work as nothing unless he blesses it. 

Work hard, work well so that we may give them all up to him. By grace, Abel only needed to offer the best to the Lord when what was required was all he had got.

Book: The Perfect Swarm

Took this book twice from the library and now I bought the Kindle version even. Potentially useful to my work in NaviMap. Nice to know that they have made some good and practical progress. What is the NaviMap angle to it?

Dinner at Jumbo Seafood: East Coast Park

Had a simple dinner at Jumbo Seafood along East Coast Park this evening. One of those rare times where very dish agrees with the kids.

Lots more people have arrived and preferred the uncomfortably warm seatings downstairs. Ang Mohs never have enough of the sun! Don't they know it is bad for their skin?

I love these grasses. I used to admire them whenever we took the kids to the zoo. First time I spotted them here, but since we stopped coming here every weekend to cycle, we haven't been here in a very long time.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Singtel called back

This is my first attempt posting from my android phone.

Surprise! I got a call from the same tech support chap I spoke to yesterday. He was checking to see if my problem with broadband has been resolved. This is a first for me with singtel.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bought the D-Link HSDPA dongle

My Singnet broadband recontract comes with a data SIM card for 30GB/month of traffic. Tonight I bought the USB adapter. Now I can connect to the Internet with my Notebook PC anywhere on the island.

We did a test run with wifey's netbook. Not very impressive. My plan is billed at 1.5Mbps but we will getting low kps!

This dongle is much bigger than a large USB memory drive.

The docs from D-Link was lousy. Didn't advise where to insert the SIM card. This wifey discovered was at the USB connector, well hidden. The little slot at the side is for a micro SD card.

New modem

This modem Singnet gave me yesterday is so much better than the last one I got several years ago. I think I gave that one away. It was hard to set up. Documentation was scarce and I didn't want to figure it out, i.e., learn the hard way. I got myself a Linksys ADSL2 modem and wireless router.

This 2Wire modem is a breeze to use. Glad to see that they have improved.

The control panel is at Log in with your Singnet account and set it up. A breeze!

I am finally getting 10Mbps. They were a day late in setting it up for me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Singnet: Boleh 10Mbps?

Hey, where is my 10Mbps? It should be that this evening! This is the type of speeds I typically get from my former 6Mbps. Will test again tomorrow.

Dinner @ Zhou's Kitchen

Except for wifey, this was our first visit to Zhou's Kitchen. They are just across the road from Ikea Alexandra.

We wanted to use the $20 vouchers before it expires end of the month.

The girls like the food. As usual, being tiny eaters, we didn't finish.

Lunch at Hans

Hasn't been to Hans at Holland Avenue since they opened. I ordered what I sometimes had when my office was at Raffles Place. I think the quality has improved.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wifey's last day

Today is wifey's last day with the company. Her colleagues truly surprised her with so many presents. It was totally unexpected. She has only been with the firm for a few months.

I am not that surprised. It is just her to treat her equals and juniors well. They were showing their appreciation.

Japanese citizens under pressure in Sendai

Got this in my email this morning. I am very impressed with the Japanese people. Below is the message that came with it (I wished their politicians have such character)

Monday, March 14, 2011
A long line of residents seeking water forms on a school playground in Sendai on Sunday, two days after a powerful earthquake and tsunami hit Japan's northeastern coast. One Iwate prefecture official said deliveries of food and other supplies were meeting only 10% of people's needs.
At a convenience store in one battered area, a manager turned to a private electrical generator. When the generator stopped working, and the cash register could no longer open, customers who had been waiting in line quietly returned their items to the shelves.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Farewell gift to wifey

I am quite pleased with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 5MP camera. The macro capability is quite good (see photo).

Tomorrow will be wifey's last day of work before she joins another firm next week. This beautiful bottle of perfume is one of the farewell gifts to her.

Galaxy Ace Camera in macro mode

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy Ace performs admirably in macro setting.

The camera is what stole the deal for me. It is way superior to the iPhone 4. You can compare them at

The video camera is nothing to shout about, but I hardly take video anyway.

We study the Bible

We missed the Sunday evening window for our regular Bible Study. The girls asked me to study it with them last night instead. The passage was Acts 2 and we discussed Christian vocabulary; how it was absent in Peter's delivery of the Gospel then. In fact, the believers had spoken in the many languages of the peoples who were present in Jerusalem.

We simply have too much Christian jargon these days and Christians often live a separate lifestyle. This is happening to the other religions too. Now if we were driven by the Lord's love, this shouldn't be the outcome.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Got this for $148 tonight (recontract with Singtel). Missed the opportunity to get if for $50 less at the IT Show :-(

Last minute decision. I should have started doing my homework sooner.

Wifey will get a Blackberry from the office. Her personal line will now be carrier in the more convenient Nokia X3-02 form factor. I will use this Galaxy Ace. If we use one of those cheapo phones for recontract, we would fail to extra the maximum value.

With telco services, you really have to do your homework these days. Like the banks, they have plenty of opportunities to make the extra from you because it have become so complex. The more complicated, the easier for them to hide and maximize profits from you.

Two NaviMaps today

Created and posted two NaviMaps today.

1. The printing money strategy
2. Risks of bubbles in soft commodities

As usual, I didn't write it to be friendly for readers who aren't familiar with reading NaviMaps. Today was map drawing experiment day for me. Watching how I think as I made those diagrams. A lot of filtering to avoid clutter and more importantly conflict. There should be some value added to be able to connect two different maps of the same issue. Often it is just a matter of emphasis, inclusion and/or exclusion. I am tempted to draw another map today: USD reserve currency status. Eichengreen and Pettis have such dissimilar views. How might they appear in NaviMap form? Strictly speaking I can already compute that in my mind without a NaviMap. Eichengreen was ignorant of Chinese constraints because he was an outsider. Pettis lives and teaches in a top Chinese University.

You can draw NaviMaps of so many issues, but what is a useful map?

St. Patrick's Day

Received a St. Pat's card today from a friend in Canada. I have a surprising number of friends with Irish origins. Of course I can't tell until they let on themselves. The Irish have gone far and wide. Here is the link to the beautiful card. Not sure how long it will remain at the site as ecards usually expire after a while.

I responded to her in an email thus,

What a beautiful card with Irish scenery. However I always find the beautiful land of Ireland mixed with sadness. I thought of the potato famine, the abuse by the church on minors, the emigration because of the harsh times, the hated British rule and finally the present mess the government and banks got the country into. Can't they ever do anything right? Her people suffer, got scattered to other nations.

No Bible Study

For two consecutive weeks, we haven't had our Sunday evening bible study. I am not surprised. When life hasn't caught up with the Word, BS is boring. I also never bother to spice it up. Why should I? I don't get the kind of pressure professional ministry workers have. And had they sown the seeds long ago for the fruits we are seeing now in the Christian community.

How often pastors have confused, even hijacked the Lord's work for their career advancement. They were already doing it even before the first Apostles were dead. Since there are so many of them, they reinforce each other error as correctness. What safety in numbers. An obvious test of their teachings is the disconnectedness with real life. The evolution of a Christian vocabulary. Instead of empowering us to love others and so gain the world for Christ, Christians are turning inward forming cliques with their Christian subculture. The exclusivity repels rather than attract others. Sometimes they are persecuted for this rather than the counter cultural love of the Gospel. Because the Gospel reminds people of their sin which they prefer to hide or deny, Christians are hated despite their good works. Instead we are often maligned for the wrong reasons and bring disrepute to our Lord. This problem I feel, is especially pernicious in America, and it making its way here too.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Replacing my sandals

Last month I had to replace Clarks shoes with new ones. That pair of shoes had some sentimental value. I wore to the Great Wall of China. I also felt was the best looking pair of shoes I ever had.

Today I had to replace my sandals. The sole is badly worn but not obvious. Good thing, I checked.

Bought for $89 a pair of Addidas sandals. I think it was a little pricey but it looks good on me and it has a special sole for wet floors. So many times I almost slipped downstairs with the old Reeboks. I think it is a good investment. Not a good idea to keep trying my luck on slippery ground.

Bought more cameras

Bought two Nikon Coolpix L23 for wifey and my elder daughter at IT Show. We parked the car at Plaza Sing and took a train there. A really good decision.

What we like about this camera is that it uses AA alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries. If we really need lots of juice, we can always opt for the replaceable Lithium batteries by Energizer. This option is especially convenient when we travel.

Now we can retire our Casio and Fujiflim compact. They are good cameras except that each time we want to use them, the batteries are flat. What's the point of having them?

Now everyone has a new camera except me. My old Canon Powershot from 2006 might be obsolete but it is still delivering a good punch for taking pictures. Perhaps I would get a DSLR sometime. I don't think that would happen for a very long time, if ever.

Problems with my Nokia X3

The Nokia X3 I got in mid December is starting to act up. The LCD is kaput. We visited the outlet at Suntec City to get it fixed but was told the service centre is now at Vivocity. So we took the train back to Dhoby Ghaut and transfer from the Circle to the NE line. It was easy to find the service centre and we didn't have to wait too long to be served. I never expect the surprise that would be coming next. The service advisor exclaimed that it was an obvious LCD display problem. They will need three days to replace it. Meanwhile they will loan me a phone. Just as he took a spare phone back to the counter, and held my X3 in his hands, the LCD display recovered on its own. He tried to get it to fault again to no avail. Good that I do not need to be denied of its use for three days but unsure if it would act up again.

Privilege Banking?

Log in once, log in twice still the same "Privilege Banking" display. What happened? I don't ever remember signing up for this. I only remember rejecting them! Now I only hope there are no additional charges. I have a simple life and requires only simple banking. Another way to view this is they do not now how to make themselves more valuable to me. I am not easily suckered into those financial products they keep manufacturing.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grand Uncle and Auntie

Wifey's nephew first child was born yesterday in Sydney. We are now grand uncle and grand aunt. Sounds grand isn't it? Now I am looking forward to seeing some photos but all new born look alike don't they?

I bet it would appear on their Facebook page first and I would just snitch it from there.

Just saw the bean's uncle uploaded it to Facebook and I stole it asap.

豆沙饼 (red bean paste biscuit) up price

No more 60 cents. It is now 70 cents. Yet another rude shock for me this morning when I went to pick up breakfast after I went downstairs before 7am to move the car from the open deck to the covered lots below.

I forgot, pancakes from the Granny Stall has also gone up by 10cents. I bought it for Lynda. Fresh coconut minimum purchase has gone from 80 cents to a dollar. I never buy such things. It was for Lynda too.

I had been ambushed by the new prices for longan drink and carrot cake. What's next? Nasi Lemak, Chicken rice, Duck rice, Char Siew rice, Roti Prata and the Western Food stall have kept to old prices for now.

Friday, March 11, 2011

NaviMap and Financial Statements

My thoughts stray often to the earthquake off Japan and the tsunamis that is battling the mainland especially Sendai. I didn't want to blog about it because it is all over the media space. At the same time I want to anchor this day that a tragedy like this had happened. I digress. This entry is about NaviMap.

I am almost finished with this book by Mary Buffett and David Clark.

I imagine I could mirror a business financial statements with NaviMaps. Those with a enduring advantage will naturally have virtuous cycles. I imagine what it would be like to map those without and discover how reinforcing loops might be nurtured turning them into desirable investors' companies. Also those firms that may be having it good right now, perhaps the virtuous cycles they own do not last. All positive reinforcing loops eventually hit limits of growth. Perhaps the Buffett's type businesses are special? Let's find out how so. What about firms with accelerating loops. Typically they will throw off cash in a hurry but also bump into limits of growth much more quickly. I imagine these are mostly the tech firms. At some point they fade or flame out if they were caught in an inflating asset bubble.

And kind I map all these along a SWOT framework. It is getting interesting and practical isn't it?

My broadband speed

Just tested the speed of my broadband connection using a Wireless-G hooked up from the living room. The router is in the study

The results for the iPad tested from the master bedroom.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New camera for daughter

Got this (Coolpix L120) for $379 at IT Show today for my younger daughter. Took me a very long time to decide. I had planned to get the Canon Powershot SX130. Both were listed at the same price. I returned to Marina Square, sat outside McDonalds for over an hour researching this new Nikon camera and finally decided it was the better buy.

Poor Doggy

I heard loud barking turnaround in every direction but saw no dog until I looked into the car near by. Wonder why the owner had locked it up like that. The barking was so pitiful. It was like asking to be rescued. I took this photo and decided I better be off soon. There will be lots of cars at IT Show today.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Visiting Lynda again

Glad to see her looking so much better from the last time I visited her. Brought an old friend too. She wanted to join us previously but it was too last minute and she couldn't make it.

Happy to bring her favorites of Nonya dumplings. Also got her duck drumstick rice and managed to buy fresh coconut - a last minute request.

Continue to pray that she would be able to walk. She will see the oncologist in a week or so and let's hope the marker would be down.

Good to catch up with Gate Ming too. I prefer to email but she is more effective in person. This time she got her way.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pine Grove, my old estate

So will my old place be going, going gone? Just like Gillman Heights before? It was a lovely place. Very hard to get that sort of housing any more. They are going to replace it with taller and smaller apartments maximizing commercial value at the expense of everything else.

Intelligence and Race

Missed this on History Channel last night but discovered that part 4 to 7 is available on YouTube. I think there is more than enough evidence here to cause you to doubt Lee Kuan Yew obstinate views about genes, race (this two are related) contribution to intelligence. What is intelligence anyway? Truth is we don't really know. We have captured some of it which we believe is useful but there is more.

Insert: Can't find Part 1 to 3 on YouTube, but Daily Motion has it. See

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book: Be Unreasonable.

I am now exploring the fringes for help with NaviMap and her is one book I thought might be helpful. I was skeptical until I came across the "Merlin Method". I used to be unreasonable but for too long I have drifted into reasonableness. That is why each time I have a fresh lead, I end up returning to the same graveyard.

Margaret Drive Food Centre

I blogged about this August last year. It has finally happened: The closure of Margaret Drive Food Centre.

On the way home from visiting Queenstown Library, I stopped by to snap this photo. This is where we regularly had our lontong and mee siam after church at QBC.

The last time we ate at this stall was in 2007. We wanted to go to the library to discuss NaviMap but we were too early, and so we had breakfast here first.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Singtel eCommerce site

One of the worst eCommerce site to live with. It is messy, confusing. Simply not well thought out and have no understanding of the customer. Much better to reach a living and breathing customer officer via 1688, i.e., if they don't put you on hold forever.


Extremely painful to read. I am leaving this here as a marker for myself. If my hunch is right, but I don't know when. I will be back.

Book: Life Is Not Fair

I would be encouraging my kids to read this over the upcoming one week school holidays. I am at about half way with the book myself. It has many useful "truths" if in a somewhat faithless and pessimistic view of the real world. Let's get realistic. Denial and a rose tinted view of the world gets you no where. An unrealistic view of life will negate the need for God's grace (sadly not featured here).

I may have much to disagree with the second half of the book. It is not possible to tell until I am done, but for sure, I cannot organize these familiar information and communicate it the way he had. So it is worth passing on to the adolescents but with qualifications.

Money gone

About $2000 on clothes down the drain. May be many years later the daughters will pick them up and wear them. I am not betting on it. Absolutely hate being careless with money and waste :-(

Still investigating Wireless N vs Wireless G. Should we switch? I have no time to do a thorough investigation to my satisfaction. So last night I popped into Challenger to see what they are selling. Very few Wireless G equipment these days, and the price has gone up too!

I am also working on which camera to purchase for the younger girl. Replaceable AA batteries is good but I wonder if the battery makers after years of cut throat competition with each other is now putting less energy into alkaline batteries.

The thing I dislike about digital cameras is their batteries. They die out on you much faster than the camera. On the other hand mobile phone batteries do so much better. I haven't done the work but perhaps the blame is on the way the motor in the camera punishes the battery. Imagine the chemistry going on inside the battery.

Next week we buy the camera. The IT show would be on at Suntec City. I fondly remember years back at that Show we picked up two digital cameras for the girls. The next day we flew off to San Francisco. Well, I thought two cameras were too extravagant. They were so under used. Mostly I was the one having to take the shots.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Changing jobs

Wifey accepted the job a few hours ago. It happened so quickly. The headhunter called, many interviews were quickly arranged. One in the morning, another in the late afternoon, the final one within two days and an offer was made.

My work experience and hers show one thing: Those books about looking for jobs, writing a CV are mostly unhelpful. At best they help you to avoid some stupid mistake that might caused your application to be tossed out prematurely.

Jobs in the end are given by God. Long ago before there were jobs, most people were farmers. You worked the earth hard but the sun and rain, their timings and duration is the Lord's. No matter how successful we have used Science and Technology to master our environment, our power and control is illusory. There are always Black Swans, the eggs and the time they hatch are determined by the Almighty.

Lao Beijing

Lao Beijing, I  had a good lunch there with two old pals sometime back. We were part of an asset allocation team. I recommended it to wifey and she brought her staff there twice, spent enough to receive some vouchers. We took the girls there last night - first time for them.

And now the typical meal story.

This dish was exclusively for my elder girl, the one with the most sensitive palate I know. This sort of thing comes with special needs territory.

Peking Duck is for my younger girl. We are welcomed to share with her but as usual I refrained as much as possible. Just in case it wasn't enough for her since she wasn't going to help herself with the other dishes.

This was wifey's choice. She loves egg plant and I had tried it with my old pals, found it to be quite good and recommended it. This was for both of us.

The waitress was surprised we ordered so little. But that is the size of the food tank inside us. Honestly, for a moment I thought we needed to add another dish.

The girls couldn't finish the toufu and duck, and I had to help. Not great as the food was already cold, especially the duck. I was glad we had only three dishes.

Finally for those of you who had googled your way here, I can only tell you that the service was good. I am hopeless at judging culinary products. This was completely confirmed in one embarrassing incident.