Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dumb: From Pop. White Paper to MDA latest

This is so dumb it took me a long time to figure out because I can't believe it could have gotten so low.

The government is out of touch, a theme I have repeated many times in earlier posts. In fact the top civil servant is also out of touch. What can you expect when you wave a red flag at a bull. That's exactly what MDA had just done with its latest measures regulating websites. In short, they have not learned the communication lessons from the Pop. White Paper.

Unless you have spent a lot of time engaging each other and know each other well most attempts at substantive communication begins with miscommunication. Then what about the OSC? I suggested months ago, it was never a true conversation (Link1, Link 2). Can't find when I have posted, but at one point I also suggested like they have done it many times under different banners, the OSC was just training for new political office holders. Therefore as you have your conversation with the government, they also sprung this surprise from the MDA on you.

Why not me? I didn't care as I am blogging for myself.

Now after all the ruckus, MDA clarified that TOC is not on the list as it does not currently fall within the online licensing framework (see last line by 938 Live below). Yaacob and MDA, why don't you say so earlier? Ah, but you like the rest are out of touch with us. May be you should try asking the WP next time. They are more in touch and if they refuse, let us know. It would make them less shiny. What's a First World Parliament? Any of you putting the people's interests ahead of the party? I am asking for the impossible.

My take? Any websites and Yahoo is presently the foremost which can generate substantial advertising revenue and eventually take market share from SPH and Mediacorp would not be acceptable unless they abide by the same rules. InSing isn't as successful and so is excluded for now. My hunch wasn't far off, Bertha Henson and a few I am unaware of should be happily concerned. When you are on the list, you would have been quite successful already! The rest of us not in this for revenue shouldn't be too agitated. You should be shrewder to quietly work on Plan B - I personally think is not necessary. Then the government would be worried and agitated instead of you. That would be much smarter and the citizen reader like myself would be far more impressed with your savvy but not necessary your wisdom. The G will view you as subversives! LOL.


  1. "Why not me? I didn't care as I am blogging for myself."

    Cartoonist Leslie Chew :
    "I explicitly stated that Demon-cratic Singapore is an entirely fictitious country. Disclaimer: All aforementioned characters and/or entities are purely fictitous".

    Good luck!!

  2. So many scholars, an expert spin doctor, more than 50 years in the business - and still not a clue in how to communicate.

    Apa ini? Where are those ''life skills''? Did pursuing a degree come in the way of acquiring these? How come clarification after clarification is needed on policies that are supposed to have been thought through?

    It looks like quite a lot of people need to go back to kindergarten! At the moment, it is all FAIL. Including in how to behave when in a foreign country.