Sunday, June 30, 2013

Riau's farmers and the haze

Just as our Zoo put to shame the appalling conditions the once beautiful but now sickly animals in Surabaya Zoo endured, I am completely confident that we care far more for Mulia and his people than Ah-gong WhyUdonno.  Ask yourself, who could and would provide better care if another Tsuanmi hits them tomorrow.

The Economist writes for the intelligentsia so they focus on the forest. This article put aside the forest for the trees and there we see the human face. I don't know how yet, but we must help them. The haze is a powerful reminder to us that our neighbors need our assistance. Their government is a bloody obstacle. We might do it through generously and intelligently funding NGOs. I don't think we can or should eliminate slash and burn. They have been doing this for millennial but the scale must be managed. Haze is not a local problem only, it is a global climate challenge. The Indonesian leaders have lost all their credibility coming out of this. Let's see how they are going to fix that. Also when they are most humbled but not humiliated, it is the window of opportunity for us to get in to make something good out of this.

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