Sunday, June 30, 2013

Exponential Growth of Pink Dots

The pool of pink or those frightened by how this movement might call an ocean of it is actually quite pretty. Just for a moment set aside the quarrel and see the lights for what they superficially are.

I first saw pink LEDs when we were having our year end holidays in San Francisco. I wanted them for our Christmas tree but was too lazy about lugging them back. As they were probably a novelty then, the prices weren't right and I am a stickler about not over paying for anything. That's is the first rule of personal finance, which I am glad the kids have learned too.

Now let's take sides. The Pink Dots are on a roll aren't they? They claimed 21,000 turned up. There were 15,000 last year and their first gathering had only 2,500 (2009?)

I bet most of those who showed up were straight and by that are they implying gays are crooked? I think they will get to this issue some day.

The Pink supporters have energy and creativity. I first knew about their creativity from Dr. Florida book.

Look at what I have picked up from Facebook below.

Grace Tang had many people agreeing with her but they were silent supporters. At this rate it is a matter of time the Pink would steamroll the rest. Of course, I am oversimplifying. The non-Pinks will eventually organize and resist. By then it could be a clash of the Titans and I hope we can settle this peacefully before we get to that.

I can think of what obvious but distant consequence Grace Tan alluded to: no babies, we become extinct were nearly everyone becomes gay. And we don't need to get anywhere near there to run into difficulties. Personally I think it is less natural to be gay as it is also less occurring in nature. Morally and spiritually that is more complex. In some ways they are inadvertently holding up a mirror to show that we are not better people.

  • Grace Tang For those straight people who support the cause, I wonder if they truly know the consequences of what they are supporting.
    Like · Reply · 26 · 12 hours ago via mobile
    • Koli Kari Yes.many of us support this cause.Do share what consequences you speak of.
      Like · 24 · 12 hours ago
    • Leandro Ngo do share what consequences and what do you stand to lose.
      Like · 10 · 12 hours ago
    • Cole Yang Yes, do air your "consequences". Don't talk bull when you obviously can't pull together a semi-decent answer to reply those not in favour of your statement =.=
      Like · 4 · 11 hours ago
    • Ng Jing Kang Yeah, a freer society free from hate. You would hate that, won't you.
      Like · 7 · 11 hours ago
    • Shaun Richard Verghese Wow, a bigot who has worked for People Search. Is that a recruitment agency? Do tell, what other forms of discrimination do you harbour?
      Like · 1 · 11 hours ago
    • Wo Shi Xiong Mao Shaun Richard Verghese, people are polarized by such actions, some like you resort to personal attacks as well as you've just done so. as a matter of fact speaking at least with this incident , all these wouldn't have happened without this event.
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    • Elton Chew OMG! I hope your involvement in NUS is no more than just physical labor work! I was there with my wife and daughter to support(check my profile), I only know my girl will learn not to discriminate and readily accept gay people into her society. They don't deserve any lesser love for what they are. However I'm really not aware of any consequences in supporting, please enlighten me.
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    • Bk EatingHouse And there goes the person who commented, into thin air. 
    • Elton Chew Btw hope Murphy Law doesn't happen to you and your lovely children when they grow up. 
    • William Timmermann Consequences? You mean like a fairer, better, more inclusive society?
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Update: 7:40pm

I wasn't there and don't plan to any time. It is good to have this in video so absent ones like me have some idea. This is a nascent and critical development in our society.

I could hear them singing the National Anthem and Dick Lee's 'Home'. They are telling us they want to be accepted like we accept any of different race or religion. Surveying the ground, I think many people there weren't LGBT. They were just there to lend their support for equal treatment in our society.

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