Thursday, May 29, 2014

When PAP changes the meaning of words

"every" and "all" must never be used by overwhelmingly dominant political parties like the PAP. Their forebears never use them or at least very rarely. Instead of "every" and "all" it ought to be "Singaporeans" or "people", any equivalent but never the totally inclusive "every" or "all"

When you first used the words "every" and "all" people believed you. Then they discover you actually mean "many" or sometimes "most" people. For years I heard the disappointed voices of callers to FM 93.8 during Talk Back sharing how they felt let down. Nobody does that anymore. They have learned how the PAP have changed the meanings of those words. Now they are attempting to narrow the meaning of "Constructive Politics" which they will fail.

If the PAP wishes to continue indulging in this habit, they must be prepared that they will be less believed and trusted just like we do not believe the message from advertisements. They will also at the same time be digging holes to fall into since this is tantamount to over promising. They will never be able to deliver. The US President can rightly blame his opponents in Congress for blocking him but the PAP has nobody to blame. Of course they like to blame us, which as a matter of course we shall return the insult. Never blame the voters especially when you do not have stature. Leave that to their parents and religious leaders to do that.

And never scold us unless you have earned that right and that is a very difficult right to earn. Top boy in a class of failures doesn't cut it. That's the verdict on this government and education system. This is more than good enough for most countries but none of them is risky and vulnerable Singapore. No more heads you win, tails we lose.

Update: 10:50am

More examples and there are many more I am too busy to dig up but none was as egregious as "every" and "all"

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