Thursday, May 29, 2014

How we feel: LHL vs LTK in Parliament

I think these top comments represent how lots of people here feel over the verbal jousting between the two men.

  • Elle Toh Re the last para where PM says govt has to massage things and opposition only talk. Of cos govt has to do it. You mean they will allow the opposition to go into their ministries to meddle with their policies?? 废话。
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  • Dominque Yue I think the most constructive politics is for both parties to stop arguing the definition and just go out to make policies to help the nation and people.. I do not want the country to turn out like thailand , taiwan, europe, america..
    Plus singapore cannot afford to fail even once.
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  • Nash Ayemz LHL.. was nvr my PM.. he's just a lucky guy whose dad was a PM and follow whats been blueprinted by his dad and follow ups on his one sided policies..
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The PAP is a bully in parliament and the WP have mastered the art of dodging them. The PM challenged the WP to be the PAP equal but that is absurd. Nine WP MPs versus too many to count PAP MPs. The PAP have so many MPs they can afford quite a few dud ones! And that is the fatal weakness of the GRC system.

The smarter move is for the PAP to ignore the WP or better to treat them as adolescent which they are. They are taking their time to grow up properly and then we will see a different WP. I hope it will be something that we like. In the meantime we just have to accept and live with what we have. The PM strategy trying to take LTK and the WP down is a loser from the start because Singaporeans aren't looking to the WP to form the government yet.

You guys can quarrel but remember who is watching outside Parliament and that is what will matter in the end.


  1. It's embarrassing. Remember the world is watching. PAP will always be a lethal legal machinery. The majority of general population who are not so savvy will submit that there is no better way to deal with obscurity.

    It is a no win for those contending for power

  2. Too much legal poison

  3. Typical MIW MO. They will not let go until they get the answer they want to hear.

  4. They create the subject and the logical process pertaining to the subject. You are forced or cornered into text book answers and solutions.

    They can never lose most of the time.

  5. When can the 60% wake up.