Friday, August 31, 2012

Following young people blogs

I come across this on a friend's daughter's blog yesterday. How true! I am motivated to keep this blog for similar reasons. Good for her, she is so much younger than me of course.

I started following quite a few blogs of young people especially those my friends' kids and friends of my children. They help me to understand what normal kids are like. Regrettably this exercise hasn't been very successful as most of them give up blogging after a while or else they are serial blog starters.

Kids often do not exercise judgement with what they write. I am sure they will regret some of their postings. Who knows, I might be as naive myself. Time will tell.

Anyway for someone so youthful, I am often impressed with the maturity of her thoughts.

I wished my children would blog more often. There is so much to share and encourage others with. A well kept blog is like good wine, getting more valuable with vintage.

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