Sunday, November 11, 2012

Little Sunday Morning Celebrations

I celebrate a few good news that others have received as I found them in the ST this morning.

There are also kind employers although me and especially wifey had mostly gotten bad ones - true for many relatives and friends too. Wesmech Engineering  paid their Indian workers six days early so that they have funds for Deepavali.

A marvel of modern infrastructure, the workers could get the money back to India in a matter of minutes.

Wifey pointed out to me early this morning that there is an interesting article on micro finance. I am especially happy about this stall holder who benefited from it and she in turn show her gratefulness by selling nasi lemak at $1. I like to record this in her own words.

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  1. Minister Vivien should know that the high rent killed so many good hawkers and made Singaporeans suffer!