Friday, November 2, 2012

How many did you love before me?

I saw this yesterday on the wall of the son of my kids' former nanny. The title of this short eight minute clip is "The Last". It was uploaded October 23 and has since garnered more than three million views. I am sure it will collect a lot more views for the simple reason that many young viewers can find parts of themselves in it. So I have placed it here for my kids and this is also the place to record what I think of it. But first the clip.

I have many thoughts as the minutes roll along. Good thing it was only eight minutes. I do not have the time to put down every idea here. I shall focus on young people delaying marriage or not marrying at all.

I will start with the end since I am in a hurry.

Marriage is not about finding love or divorce will feature falling out of love instead of separation of assets and custody of children. Marriage is about growing up and solving the problem of loneliness. Young people today have the choice and it is amazing how many refuse to grow up.

Marriage is about commitment and faith. Nearly everyone is surprised they actually know so little of the person they marry - I was shocked how much time wifey needs to spend in front of the Telly. Get real. Love fluctuates within the crucible of commitment and faith allows love to grow. This clip is a fairy tale and I am afraid many young people have bought it.Too many will wait in vain for the fairy tale.

So what's real? You learn to love. In the beginning is love which gives birth to faith and then when the threshold is reached the courage to commit. If you are a believer you will have the advantage of learning how God loves you as you love the other person. Then the intoxicating form of love will evaporate away but the faith, hope and commitment built would be ready for a more permanent love.

And what is growing up? It is not getting but giving yourself to the other person. Yep, with rare exceptions divorce are for kids where staying in the marriage means exceeding their faith. This is going to be misunderstood, but I think it is better to go to heaven divorced than stayed married and end up in hell. Well, Moses was misunderstood on this matter too.

In the end you have to grow up enough to love someone because you had chosen by faith to. Choice eventually trumps the earlier reasons for getting into that relationship. That's pretty much what marriage vows are about: to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

The clip above is for kids and not for keeps.

Update: November 13

Got this from my ex boss hubby.

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