Saturday, November 24, 2012

PSLE: Tution centres are mum too

The MOE is getting its wishes fulfilled. Every school and tuition centre knows that it is best for them not to subvert MOE desire not to have the names of the top PSLE scorers known publicly.

I am wondering if the beginning of an outline of a plan is becoming visible.

After I had agreed with Sandra Davie  in an earlier post, a facebook note by Heng Swee Keat clarified that it was not exam pressure MOE was targeting but a component of a larger effort to steer the over emphasis on academic achievements at the expense of other facets of schooling.

So SPH reporters and MediaCorp radio missed it and we were all led away from the path we ought to go down. Instead the media had mistakenly linked school pressure with publicity of top scorers. I expect them to be more astute than writers to the Forum. At least in public the minister was very kind and did not give them a  public dressing down but given the zeitgeist that would be unwise. Warren Fernandez, you failed as the goalie here.

With top scorers booted out of the commanding heights of what schooling is about, space is created for us to  fill it with something else. Already we have some idea what they might be. I welcome that. You reshape education you shape the society for the future.

Sometimes it is best not to explain (not always possible) what you are trying to do. It is best to just go and do it. People will catch it when they see, hear and even smell it. If they could only listen and see powerpoints, they might not get it. I repeat, the media had dropped the ball on this one.

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