Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lukewarm about Windows 8

Yawn Windows 8, yawn again.

Yesterday I found many new eBooks at NLB Overdrive. There were many new Windows 8 books too but none of them were checked out. I borrowed one on developing Windows 8 app.

This morning, I read on CNet the lukewarm reception Win 8 is getting. When it launched here a couple of weeks ago, there was no crowds or thunder.

Well Microsoft is a tenacious creature. They will keep at it. As a user the OS is becoming irrelevant. What's matter is the ecosystem. iOS is very easy to use although awkward at times e.g., support for Dropbox. Android is highly interoperable but with a steeper learning curve. The hard disc is increasingly moving to the Cloud. Computing is done on OS independent platforms.

So who cares about the OS. Microsoft is still telling us that they are more important than the customer. I wonder how long that can go on.

I didn't realize I was up so early this morning reading this: 4:42am it declares.

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