Friday, November 9, 2012

Yet another Thermos Mug

I knew it. I ought to have waited till I get a chance to check what's available at Takashimaya before buying that purple mug. We were at Taka this evening and wifey spotted more suitable replacements. I ended up buying a new one for $21.90. At least this one is large enough to hold a can even when I am generous with the ice cubes. It is also much easier for my hand to reach inside to clean too.

I just noticed a design problem with the new cup: the metal side at the bottom. The older purple mug will prevent heat transfer better.

Update: The next day.

Saturday morning is a good time to test hot green tea in this new mug. Verdict: its performance against the older mug was disappointing. The exterior of this new mug was hot unlike the purple coloured one. Relatively pretty poor insulation.

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