Thursday, June 23, 2011

Regrets of the Dying: Local Scene

A few days ago, a facebook post by MOH impressed me. Today, AsiaOne followed up by republishing a TNP article on the local situation. I want to remember this.

Looked like the writer got most of his info from Assissi Home & Hospice. That was where my mom spent her last days. I took many photos of the flowers there. Some of them now grace the flash movies I made, but the one thing that struck me was the room next to my mom's. A young man dying of kidney cancer which even to this day, when I remember Assissi, I remember the family before the Lord. I can still hear the cries of his wife, the two young kids. He wasn't expected to last long. In fact the doc told me they expected him to go before my mom.

People fail to spend time to find the meaning of their lives. I am not making this mistake. So often pride stands in the way of people discovering who they are. Utter foolishness, but that is the curse of our species. This is such a sensitive issue, I can't even volunteer this opinion to anyone unless it is about someone else. To be practical, it is something a person must give up on his or her own. Have you come across anyone who have found peace before dying and still nursing his or her pride? Never. I saw the process, the road to humility in my late father. I trust God he found salvation for his soul down that path. Grace in a box was torn apart. A bigger box was needed, which shortly was also exploded. That is the infinite God. I have discovered that on the Cross, grace has no limits. It continues to reshape my mind. It is endless, leaving the intellect in shreds to be rebuilt with faith.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound....John Newton.

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