Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nitcharee gets $250K Red Cross donation

I am going to stop counting the number of times I am blogging about her. Each entry is a miracle from the Lord (I don't care that she is Buddhist). She is getting $250K from the Red Cross. What she needs is now amply supplied. I have been told right from the beginning to expect positive surprises. The Lord has been good to her. Just now I heard over the radio in the car a Singaporean based in HK had paid in full the hospitalization fees at TTSH. He wants to remain anonymous.

I had wanted to make a contribution too but the Lord said that was not necessary. Indeed he was right.

I am very happy for her.

Nitcharee flies home - 14/6/11
Thai teen hit by train asking to see parents - 6/4/11

Update: June 17 2011

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