Friday, June 24, 2011

Missed $0.99, now $9.99

I wanted to buy this book when it was 99 cents not that long ago. I resisted because I don't have the time to read it then or even now.

I just saw moments ago it is now $9.99

Well, should I have been willing to throw away 99 cents for this? What if Amazon keep pumping out such deals and I end up with a very light and thin tonne of unread ebooks and also out of pocket by a long measure?

Give myself another six months or even a year and see if I still miss out on this deal.

I often spend a lot of time deciding on a purchase. I have learned that our purchases is a window to the unknown unknown (superficially the Johari Window) of ourselves. Of course any life's events, especially the stressful and traumatic ones will teach us something about ourselves. Think the Biblical Job.

People nearly always fail to factor the possibility of something from their unknown unknown emerge in their relationships. The last time I was extremely careful and committed, and did the Lord give me the biggest punch ever. Afterward your relationship with him is just different.

Due to his unknown unknown, Job was deemed to be blameless but not sinless.

Young people have a vast unknown unknown. No wonder they have severe difficulties finding themselves. There are no shortcuts. Life reveals your unknown unknowns. Sadly because of pride lots of people try to hide it in dark closets, but to be practical they disguise it and seek the company of the like to legitimize it. God show his grace by tolerating it, often at the cost to his reputation. As his grace increases through time culminating in the appearance of the Son, noticed how he appeared less fearsome and violent and more loving and merciful. Just look at Israel's history. From a barbaric child sacrificing culture to a people of the Book and scholarship.

Now what has all these got to do with 99 cents vesus $9.99?

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