Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cartoon: The lines are blurred

Just received this from Ron who lives States side. There is more than a patina of truth here!

If we aren't careful, we shall also get there. We wouldn't have special interests lobbies like the Americans but we will roll into a form that is uniquely us. Just human nature.

We are not ruled by saints, angels or even God. The folks that govern us are as weak and seduced by temptations as any of us. We need to help them with insisting on transparency, keeping things simple (KISS) and offering them plenty of competition to keep them honest. Trust must be earned but on our part we also need to live Reagan's dictum, "Trust but Verify" or we would eventually get the bad government we deserve.

Bear in mind that governments would attempt to increase transparency by making policies more complex. Effectively you reduce transparency. The financial sector is the leader in the use of this strategy. They were so good that they even fooled themselves after sometime. Why should we be an exception? I reiterate. We are not saints, angels or  gods.

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  1. The characteristics of dishonest Wall Street executive bankers:
    1. Pay themselves very well, and feel underpaid.
    2. Dressed well, eat well, travel well. Most combed their hair backward.
    3. Managed and played with big money.
    4. Manufactured and sold toxics to ignorant investors.
    5. Bailout out by public money.
    6. No need to take personal responsibility. One even had the audacity to say they was doing God's work (yes, but the not pleasing part).

    When weak human nature is motivated and rewarded with big money without transparency and accountability; the smart ones will move very quickly to become "Wall Street Bankers".

    May God help us. Already 15 years in that direction.