Monday, June 27, 2011

Can Tan Cheng Bock unify us?

I just saw this on facebook. This was what Tan Cheng Bock had written as a tribute to this lowly man naming the theatrette after him.

 "A community leader of distinction-Pek Ang Mooh was a simple,quiet and mild manner man. He could not afford to go to school.He sold vegetables in the market.  He served as a CCC member for more than 20 years. He never asked for favours nor rewards.He was reliable and dependable.He was always there when needed. This theatrette is dedicated to him and to men and women like him who have serve our community with pride and distinction."

I wrote this to pay tribute to a simple man. Some volunteers have asked me why I name a theatrette after this simple man which is a big contrast to the naming of Ng Teng Fong Hospital. I shall explain it in greater details in my next video.

This guy is better qualified than the other two Tans for unifying the people. Very simple. Go back to the core values of humanity, civilization and family. He practiced them. Now restore the values that the government had use legislative violence to pawn off for dollars and cents. A government which often know the price of everything but the value of nothing. A government that is obsess with fear as a primary tool of governance instead of a leadership that inspires. There is no room for faith. Everything is calculated. Tony Tan came from that tradition. Like they say about someone how had always been a lumberjack, every problem is a tree to be chopped. So Tony Tan having spent most of his life as a minister cannot fail to think like one. He wouldn't even be able to be otherwise. It would already be ingrained. I think as a rule of thumb, a long serving cabinet minister is always a bad proposition as the Elected President.

Tan Kin Lian to me is a risk simply because he hadn't had a life in public service which we can scrutinize. Also he has Opposition figures helping him in this EP elections. Therefore Tan Cheng Bock is the most independent of the three candidates.


  1. " Now restore the values that the government had use legislative violence to pawn off for dollars and cents. A government which often know the price of everything but the value of nothing."

    Newsflash: He was part of the government.

  2. He was not part of the government per se, he was a backbencher MP, and a vocal one.

  3. TCB would be a great unifying figure for Ama Keng and Ayer Rajah residents plus some liberal PAP and opposition supporters.

    Dr TT would be unifying those hardcore PAP supporters like LHL, ESM GCT, MG kee Chiu, TCH, Nathan etc. including the elites and top establishment figures whose financial and private interests are dependent on those MIW.

    TKL would surely be unifying the hardcore and recalcitrant opposition voters.

    Naturally there will be swing voters and bo-chap fence sitters whose unification need is not an issue as there are no more blatant bribes from grow-n-share package.

    My suggestion is to do away with the presidential election. Let these 3 candidates serve for a 2-year term each. There will be an actual election after the end of 6 years. I feel that such a move will heal the polarization and ideological divide that is emerging in our society. I also reckon that this is a win-win solution given the stringent eligibility criteria which imply that those candidates who are given the COE are fully qualified to serve as EP.

  4. Therefore Tan Cheng Bock is the most independent of the three candidates.

    That's one logical conclusion. Heh. I'm predicting Dr Tan Cheng Bock shall win the Presidential race with 42% of overall votes, by the way. Heh.


  5. Is Dr Tan Cheng Bock good enough just because he spoke up a few times? Did he follow up or do anything else besides speaking up? He was an MP for so long but did he do anything to actually improve Singaporeans' lives? Why did he not say anything before GE 2011? Why is he only speaking up after GE2011 when he's running for President? Contrary to his claim, Dr Tan Cheng Bock's actions or lack of real actions as an MP have shown that he has compromised all his life. He will collect the multi-million dollar Presidential salary and not make one bit of difference in Singaporean's lives, just like what happened when he was an MP.

  6. Tan Cheng Bock initiated Sunday free parking so as to encourage family bonding when he was an MP. He speaks his mind and definitely not a follower of PAP blindly.

  7. By the way, while the govt requires a majority of residents to agree before free parking on Sun and pub holidays is allowed in a parking lot, the govt is now rescinding free parking from under the noses of residents everywhere it has allowed shopping malls to be built in the heartland WITHOUT consultation with residents.

    This is a 'simplistic' solution for the HDB to residents' parking problems caused by these malls but is at the expense of residents who were not even consulted NOR provided with solutions without removing their free parking.

    On TCB, all I see is a lot of hot air from him throughout the years. Results are what count anf his record is not good. In actual practice he has shown himself to be as meek as the others when it comes to supporting his party even to do the WRONG thing at the expense of Singaporeans. Words without action is mere lip service which is cheap and hypocrisy of the highest order. At least those PAP MPs who kept quiet makes it straightforward for us to know their true colours, but when you protest a lot and did little else, no one really know your true feelings or character. It is deviousness. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Have you made a real difference to our lives? No! People cannot survive on hot air alone.

    As for TT, the nepotism and cronyism is so obvious and blatantly displayed that it will stick even without glue!

  8. So what if you can scrutinise TCB's public life? There is little point in saying he has an "independent streak all along" when they are all just words and no action. End of the day he toed the PAP line.

  9. the end of the day TCB did toe the PAP line...
    and I wouldn't trust TT as far as I could throw him.