Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book: Eat People: And Other Unapologetic Rules...

If because you learn some new and neat stuff from this book, this book will not take you to the leading edge of the curve. It might have just shown you how far behind you and many people are.

The writer is also oblivious to the powerful countervailing forces because he assumes history is on his side just because he has figured out the true source of creating wealth. He is so smug about it and conveniently forgets his tunnel vision that man does not live by bread alone. That representative democracy is not on his side, and the control of narrow mercantile interest do not last forever. He thinks he can just take off with the wealth creators and leave most people behind? They will stop you. You need to be figure a way to get them to ride with you.

In a way I hate to disagree with him, but please get real. Don't be so naive. Eat People? This is cruel. He doesn't bat an eye lid about people losing their jobs. Even his kid is aghast at his attitude.

Productivity creates wealth. We know that long ago. We have a problem today though. Jobs are destroyed faster than new ones can be created. Worse, it takes a long time to retrain people in new jobs. We need a new infrastructure and compact now. That is why this guy is behind the curve. Since he ignores sustainability concepts, what can you expect from him?

My impression two thirds way into this book. It is useful to me as I think it helps me bring to the front of my mind  the concepts I already know which I can use for NaviMap.

Since he is not at the practical leading edge, what is? Give away rather than profit motivated entrepreneurship Watch it destroy profits but create wealth. And what is at the conceptual leading edge? The intellectual leading edge? Which powers tomorrow practical leading edge.

UPDATE: 9:20am
Now at Rule #10. Beside the one interviewing George Gilder, this is probably the best chapter of this book. It is about a Market Entrepreneur attacking Political Entrepreneurs. His example of choice was Cornelius Vanderbilt. He helped me to be clearer. There is too much political entrepreneurship in Singapore. No wonder we have to work so hard and our productivity so abysmal. The government prescription for higher productivity is to work smarter mostly confusing saving input with raising output. At the working level there will be many instances of working smarter interpreted as working harder. They are going to lose more votes in  2016 and they don't even know it is coming!

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