Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unexploded Bomb: Before you buy or lease land in SG

A reminder to all who owns or lease land especially for industrial use next time. Better do a check for bombs before you sign on the dotted line. The police wouldn't assist and you would likely have to get and pay big bucks for it to be disposed. This is really news to me. I was always under the impression that the government would get rid of it. After all this is a matter of public safety. If the private contractor botched the job, who will answer? I am surprised that there are such guys here. Do they have enough business to go on? Who are they really?

Unexploded bomb removed from site

Sigh! I think if you have terrorists on your premises and since it is private property and the police won't help....stupid. Something is missing here. No common sense again.

Update: 2115hrs

This time the cake is on the media face. The Police has clarified the situation. I was right to suspect that something was missing here. It hadn't made any sense.

Sad to see that government credibility has fallen. In a past age nobody would believe you that the Police asked you to arrange a private contractor to deal with a situation like this. Everyone thought the highest of the government. They have surely lost their sheen.

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  1. This is one obvious example of the palpable decline of Singaporean's trust in governmental institutions like police, PUB/NEA, LTA, HDB etc. It is an open observation that civil servants are usually trying to pass the buck to someone else although this is clearly a case of public safety which might have gone out of control. Perhaps in the past, the government controlled media has managed to gloss over them by 'under-reporting' or not reporting such incidences.

    Except that now with internet and social media, such incidents are subjected to intense public scrutiny and unfiltered feedback.

    This policy of police telling you to get private explosive contractors is nothing new for those operating in the scrap metal industry. Some 15~20 years ago, I understand that if a scrap metal dealer unluckily found any bomb-like shells or objects in his stock yard, someone will be paid to 'dispose' them off at night. Whether it is thrown into the sea off Singapore or buried at some open state land, nobody knows or cares. That is how such problems are resolved but none the wiser for anyone.