Sunday, May 29, 2011

NEA must be sleeping - Rat at Plaza Singapura food court

I thought I needed to wait longer. Only eight days to have this story come out in our national paper website. This is likely Kopitiam at Plaza Singapura. Now what you see for such things are usually only the tip of the ice berg.

Standards in this fine city has been gradually falling, falling...the government is getting complacent. NEA dropped the ball because businesses under pressure will cut corners. Therefore the onus is on the relevant government agency to keep everyone on their toes otherwise they will just race to the bottom in order to earn the highest short term profits. In a constantly changing environment where opportunities come and go, how many are still thinking long term?

I think a corporatist government are themselves driving down costs by senior civil servants who are disconnected with the realties of the working level and taking unacceptable risks. Not enough info, can only speculate right? Just deduce from their value system in the context of their structure, which breeds the predictable behavior.

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