Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautiful sunrise; all things medical; dirty Kopitiam trays

Began today with a simply lovely sunrise outside my bedroom window :-) It rained heavily not once but twice later. A welcome respite from the heat.

Accompanied wifey for her annual check. So many photos of happy babies!

More things medical. Eye check for two of them in the afternoon.

Big jump in power for the daughter and now she has astigmatism too. I hope it stabilize here. The new glasses would be ready next Wednesday ($213)

How hygiene standards at Kopitiam food court has fallen. I finally got so fed up and took this picture. The trays are often wet and oily. Surely many people must have complained. What is the NEA doing? Want another bold rat incident?

We bumped into Sarah and her parents next door at Popular later. Happy to see them.

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