Saturday, November 17, 2012

Top schools accelerate social stratification

Did we expect such an outcome when the government concentrated the top students into a few schools? We were much poorer, i.e., resources were scarcer. We were very serious about training our brightest to match their equals anywhere in the world. The policy made perfect sense then.

Today the picture has changed but the mindset in government probably hasn't. We are facing a negative trend: the acceleration to a classed society fueled by our schooling policy. The death of meritocracy from loss of faith is within striking distance.

Meritocracy based on process never work. It is only socially acceptable when accompanied by enough mobility from the under class. Leaders can defend till their face turned blue and the people would not buy. In time, for better or even worse, they will be prepared to throw out the government because each parent must believe their children have a fair shot to do well in life regardless of their birth situation. Unless they are bold enough to rigged the voting system, a plutocracy here has a very short life.

A nation must be run in such a way that most people are hopeful. If life is just about getting to the few right places, a system where there are few winners and many perceived losers; such a society already has its expiry date stamped on it already.


  1. Probably when we have a PM or Education minister who do not have the luck of having high I.Q children,PAP would re-think,so far,no such
    luck,God has been quite kind to PAP ministers,all blessed with high I.Q children,it seems.

  2. The Great Tribulation: Part 1 of 4 - "The 7 Trumpets Are Soon to Blow"

    God bless