Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Did the PRC drivers really went on strike?

This is our ST tactic of calling the industrial action by PRC bus drivers working for SMRT a strike without being responsible for saying so after inviting the ire of readers.

Strike is such a taboo word. Everyone is afraid of what it might invite to their careers and business if they would be brave enough to call this a strike. Even the foreign media was extremely careful. Netizens and bloggers couldn't care less. Just as in days of a bygone era, Chinese on the streets made fun of high ranking mandarins calling a spade a spade with ditties. Junior mandarins and the well connected kept a low profile and distance themselves. Emperors were protected only because you could lose your head for telling as it was.

That's life. Only the kid thought nothing wrong of telling the emperor he had no clothes! What ST had done is to give us a picture of what a nude person looks like and let us judge if we are seeing a naked fellow for ourselves.

Think of the first and one single word to describe what had happened.

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  1. Talk about tamed docile Singaporeans. This is the result of 50 years of hegemony. Forget the fact that no Singaporean workers would have dared to do what the PRC drivers did. Just imgine, the people running the newspapers and news network do not even have the balls to call it a strike. Are we not a pathetic lot. We fear the government which is elected by us and accountable to us. We should demand action, the PRC workers should be charged just as any Singaporean worker would have been. Where is the tough talking "founding father" now. Looks like he call only bully us.