Sunday, May 29, 2011

Switch off the PC

So rare that I switched off my PC. It feels good. Other devices are so Internet enabled these days, you don't need to have workhorse scale equipment humming away.

It helps that ever since Acer replaced the motherboard and hard disc, Windows starts up really quickly if I need the power of a PC to get something done. I know this would not last. Detritus will accumulate in the registry, the hard disc will get fragmented over time, optimization software can only do so much. Nothing beats a complete spring cleaning of the hard disc, which is such a hassle. I wonder if Chrome Books Notebooks are any good.

I am now reading David Brooks latest book, "The Social Animal" which I took from our libraries. I feel particularly connected with this particular paragraph from the Introduction....we are spiritual beings!

I have high hopes for this book. If I feel the need to mark it all over the place, I shall get the Kindle version except I always hate it when the paperback cost less than the Kindle version.

At the back of my mind as usual is how does it connect with NaviMap. Clearly I am no longer tapping the rational and conscious to get going. After all I am working on the emergent and unpredictable isn't it?

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