Monday, May 30, 2011

Lui Tuck Yew riding in public transport

Lui Tuck Yew has been seen in our public transport system again. Each time he was photographed without chatting with commuters. I expect someone with his brains would have enough common sense to chat up those around him, optimizing his experience of the system. It is one thing to ride the system irregularly and quite another to use it everyday. Since he had missed something so obvious, I am led to think that he was there to be seen and photographed for the media just for political mileage.

It is the little things that matter. They are the most telling.

Update: May 31, 2011

Taken from today's ST.

Minister Lui, don't just stand and watch the going ons, that is just slightly better than watching videos. You are there, talk to the people that is what is special about being on location :-(

As usual they don't think of us as individuals but as digits. How to benefit the digits, the average person which my ex boss used to opine is absurd because shim would be half man, half woman or to be practical a sexless being. Such a commuter, no being male or female is also not old or young. The typical lacking in common sense approach of overly educated policy makers who trust their abstract reasoning too much.

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  1. I thought I should say this as well. I don't agree with the Transport Minister that with the Government ran public transport, we won't have an efficient system. Says who? Is he implying the current Government systems is not efficient because they are Government ran as well?

    I say video on Channel News Asia when he commented about asking SMRT to add more trains, improve the system, etc. Has he forgotten that with this there will be further increases in train fares, etc. because that is business investments that require returns on investments.

    Joseph Hong