Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dealing with cockroaches

I was driving on the AYE this morning when my daughter called me about a big cockroach in the bathroom. She closed the door to trap the dirty creature and waited for me to get home to deal with it. Big mistake. As expected I couldn't find and destroy it when I got back. These creatures are too fast and stealthy. If you spot one, never keep your eyes off it. Shout for someone else to bring you the implements to destroy it. Usually a stick made from rolled up newspapers and a can of insect spray to slow it down. How many times have I failed to find the damn insect only to discover that it was behind me!

Now we have unwanted company in the house :-( Even if it appeared again, it might be another creature. Who knows how often they might have visited and left without our notice. They are harmless but just damn damn dirty. Where they passed is as good as a rat or worse had gone over.

I checked this blog. The last close and fatal encounter for these creatures was April 20. Too soon. On average it should be several months.

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