Tuesday, December 25, 2012

WP vs PAP: Town Council Management Software

I think it all started when AHTC had a worse report card than the other 14 PAP TCs. Sylvia Lim explained the extenuating circumstances which landed them there pointing the finger at the PAP. I had received emails from friends about this but otherwise hadn't followed it closely. I also prefer to read about it from Yahoo News than the MSM which is always biased as long as they can get away with it. On the other hand Yahoo lacks the depth and skills of top rate journalism. I decided I would watch and see how this saga plays out.

TKL posted Lucky Tan's take on this on his facebook page. This chap is worth reading even if I often find fault with his arguments. I think he has been quite successful at carrying many with his views though. This fellow joins the dots very well but the problem is like most of us he is also a victim of confirmation bias. It takes tremendous effort to battle this tendency especially if you are trying to succeed in investing. To be fair to everyone, few succeed.

To me not all the facts are out in the open yet. We can't make a judgement until then. Unfortunately the way this is going the full facts might never be revealed because we can then see who has been untruthful. Reputation and character are too valuable to risk. In politics truth is often the casualty. Trust is eroded and we are all losers. As the overwhelmingly dominant political force here, I expect the PAP to assume moral leadership but it has always preferred to descend to the the level of legalism. How I wished they had responded swiftly with the full facts in the face of WP accusation. A delayed response can only contribute to doubt.

The behavior of our politicians and civil servants again remind us that it is wiser when we trust we also must have the wherewithal to verify. The bad habits of our politicians is eroding trust to the point that tough and necessary policies will become impossible to sell.

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