Friday, December 28, 2012

PAP or WP: Nation before Party?

I told myself that I just need to be patient and the fog will clear in good time. WP press release was useful because it didn't bother to assign blame but answer the question who is pro Singapore.

The PAP is a bad loser. It will scorch the earth as they retreat. For them the party ranks ahead of the nation. Study history and you will see that's this eventually lead to corruption. We must bear in mind what Sylvia Lim warned us in her concluding line above.

Here are some noteworthy response from facebookers and the number of likes they had gotten. It is a strong evidence that our voters aren't stupid.

  • Jack Lam WP - please help understand this better:

    Why WP didn't bring up this AIM issue when you took over TC and why disclose this only when you get negative rating?

    This is a matter of great public concern - why you guys haven't raised this in parliament so far?
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  • Koh Chin Kok Jack Lam, aiyo, WP is playing gentlemen, trying not to sabotage PAP, then you want them to expose is it? If not for PAP to sabotage, they won't be on the receiving end now.
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  • Maggie Chia Looking at how WP handles unprofessional behaviors by those who tries/tried to sabotage, you guys at WP are really world class professionals. I'm proud to be one of the WP supporters.
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  • Edmund Loke Jack Lam: Wrong! WP is working feverish to safe whatever they can on the system. PA play punk so it was to return the favor to them. 你做初一,别人做十五
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  • Erwin Lee @Jack Lam- What's the point of bringing up the issue earlier? If AIM already has the intention to terminate the service citing certain contractual agreement, do you see any usefulness in WP bringing up the issue and fighting over it and at the end of the day might achieve nothing? Remember the case on the spaces being leased to PA? Anything positive achieved? I would rather them spend the time thinking of solutions and try their best to overcome it. And not forgetting that WP chose to bring this up now is because of the "publicity" given by the MSM for AHTC's red grades. If this is the strategy of the PAP to bring down WP, WP has got to be frank to what actually happened. And remember "FRANK". And we are still waiting for the relevant parties to be sincere and frank to Singaporeans as well.
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  • Lim Tian Soo Many years ago when Mr Goh Chiok Tong was PM he said something to the effect that he see no reason why PAP should help those who did not vote for them. I start to vote for opposition since that day. When Obama was elected he said in his speech that he will also look after those that did not vote for him. His wife later said that they were brought up to respect those who have different views from them. I see clearly the difference between smart people and great leaders. This AIM case strengthen my conviction to have more opposition voice in Singapore. Thank you WP and Silvia Lim.

  • Terence Foong I would personally think WP did the right thing by working for it's constituents FIRST, tidying up as best as they can at their home front, showing us that they are able to do the job despite the obstacles put in their way.

    Who's to say that they woul
    d not be bringing this to the attention of the rest of Singapore, had PAP not jumped the gun and fired first? 

    If they had spent their time on this media battle over AIM first, it might've also meant less effort available for upscaling the systems from Hougang, and perhaps to less satisfactory results for the constituents. Then another guru will come and comment about how WP poorly served their residents and chose to cover their inadequacies by diverting resources to point fingers at PAP.

    Nobody cares about that ANONYMOUS troll comment on Lucky Tan's blog, could it be the same fella commenting here too? Making accusations about cutting a deal with PAP? Wow. Thats one very "intelligent and insightful" comment for anyone to have to keep referring to.

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  1. 2013,PAP is Singapore and vice versa do not apply anymore,only those who are behind time still chanting this slogan loud,LOL
    A blessed new year 2013 to all.