Saturday, December 29, 2012

LHL: Singing Our Unsung Heroes

I had missed adding my "like" to this before I captured the screen. See the PM's note at his page. On Facebook, most of my "like" go to PAP, stuff like these and what MPs had done for residents at MPS, house visits etc., It is the big policy issues and their no-name ideology that I took issue with.

  • Said Elhadj Singapore is for sure the best country on earth !!! I come from Paris, and i can tell you life is bad there, we feel insecure, streets are dirty, economy is bad, people not educated at all...Singapore is wonderful and modern... LONG LIFE TO SINGAPORE !!!
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  • Peter Wong My hope is that this "wealth of spirit" will be demonstrated by every Singaporean, and not just a few
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  • Lisa Hong-Ping Kong Paris is a lovely city in its own way; i have been fortunate in past trips there, with my parents, to have very positive experiences with kind and helpful Parisians. Singapore also has its share of kind and generous people...we may not emote so well, but i do believe many of us have our hearts in the right place 
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