Monday, December 31, 2012

Everywhere I looked: Hang the Rapists

I just took this pic from a well written article by Sadanand Dhume in the WSJ.

Yesterday I wanted to make a post with a photo of protesters, which I am spoilt for choice which one to use. I just wanted to write GRIEF. When you have too many thoughts you can't write but grief is how I felt in every train of thought. I also hope the rapists will hang for this most heinous crime. Only the most cruelly killed girl's parents can save them now but clearly Indian society will not allow that. Gross injustice had persisted for too long that mercy must wait or there will be more tragic injustice.

Yesterday morning my daughter asked if I was aware that the young victim was planning to marry in February. What a tragedy.

Update: January 3, 2013

They are on a fast track to meet God. For the better, I hope this is the tipping point for India.

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