Thursday, October 31, 2013

We are no cruise ship

I agree completely with the PM on this one. We are no cruise ship. I am not sure we are Sampan 2.0. There are other possible metaphors but they are all small crafts. Perhaps we have an outboard motor too. The lack of a consensus metaphor is perhaps why we have so much discussion and arguments too.

When I read Koh Buck Song article on Monday, I was just aghast. I kept looking for the crew especially the waiters and cleaners. Yes, I was thinking of people in the lowly paid jobs that are not even getting a living wage. To me Mr. Koh was just out of touch.

Sure glad his article made the PM's eyes popped out and came out with his rejoinder.

Update: 3:25pm

Good one from Bertha Henson at Breakfast Network


  1. Singapore can be a sampan but we are paying million dollar salaries to sampan boatmen who sell themselves as captain of supertankers.

  2. Very interesting subject, thanks for putting up.