Sunday, October 27, 2013

The 'funnest' paper today

I can't remember when was the last time it was so fun to read the papers. Yesterday had many aggravating articles but today is completely different.

I like the way John Lui writes. It is difficult to write well in short sentences and he is very good at that. He is also always fun to read, especially today.

Quoting the man last paragraph today.

Great dumb ideas are tough little beasts. You can spray them with proof, you can blast them with statistics, but they will not die. People protect, feed and care for them. A great dumb idea is a thing of beauty.

A very heartening read from the stories of principals, and there are so many of them who had a made a big difference in the schools they once headed.

Makes me wonder why the Education Minister didn't use such stories when he was trying so hard to sell every school is a good school.

Of course my experience is understandably different since one of my children regularly fall through the cracks. However it will not detract me from the benefits they have created for many others.

I was flabbergasted when I saw their age difference but I kept an open mind and read on. This wasn't a real marriage as we would understand it. Marriage here was a mean to and end. The love affair is with paleontology.

Most aggravating articles yesterday. What a contrast.

Not just drive you crazy, makes you mad too. I make it a point not to use cabs except to go to and from the airport. LTA is doing a big F grade job here.

Christopher Tan is a first class correspondent on the transport beat. I bet he understand our transport system far better than anyone in LTA. Why don't they enlist his help instead of giving him ample opportunities to intelligently point out their shortcomings instead. Some silly ego thingy here?

Raymond Lim was the worst transport minister ever. So much of our problems with the system today was created during his watch. The problems Mah Bow Tan brought us with housing are far easier to solve and he got so much more brickbats compared to Raymond Lim. Well life is unfair.

The ex-minister was talking stupid isn't it? This guy is a paper only minister. Two-party system forging consensus? Get real! I would have thought he would have easily failed the LKY test. How did he get into Cabinet? To err is human but this was a really costly error.

No consensus. Real life is constructive engagement with honor and by the rules and frequently aggressive negotiations. Up front, in your face and refrain from Wayang Kulit. Then what about consensus? Look up the Constitution.

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