Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Singtel Called

Singtel is getting serious about understanding why customers leave them. As I gave up each of their service they had consistently very nicely asked and try to understand why I have given up on them. Yesterday they called again over my quitting their ADSL and not upgrading to fibre broadband with them. I told them my story of how I had lost confidence in their service. Basically I cannot afford them to tell me in the event my ONT kaput I had to wait days for replacement. In the past when their ADSL modem spoils, I could just go out and buy another. Oh, I will never forget how the tech appeared on my door with a reconditioned and poorly working ADSL modem. He was very nice and helpful but basically he told me Singtel message to me was: take it or leave it.

I have finally decided to leave it.

Good bye Singtel. Separation is never forever and we never say never. Be good and I might come back. Cheers!

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