Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pirate3D for me?

I vaguely recall reading about Pirate3D, which is one of our local creations sometime back. I came across it again this evening on NYT with a YouTube insert

I wish them every success. Give us another Sim Wong Hoo.

Nobody knows if they will make it big. They are just another player among thousands reminiscent of the early days of car makers and nearer our time the craze. Too many to count will fail.

I wouldn't buy a 3D printer for the purposes they are suggesting, and my guess is that eventually people will put it to use in ways practically none of these creators and entrepreneurs imagine. What would I want a 3D printer for? Firstly, I would like it to print myself a mouse. I have thrown away or rejected so many of them, I think I need a custom one. However this is not going to work unless I can also buy some working parts to put into a printed mouse. I would also like a pairs of shoes made to fit me perfectly. Nice to have but not a must, may be include a new case for my phone or even my very own spectacle frames. You see, I don't want to print any of those things in the video screenshot above. I want to produce somethings to use quickly and well. Then for the printer to make sense, it must be used fairly often or else I would opt for a 3D printing service to create bespoke products for myself, family and friends.

I hope they would also not try to imitate Steve Jobs making presentations. They give me the goose bumps. It's distracting. Better to find your own style, or shall I say print it your way!


  1. How about a car?

  2. Pirate3d just revealed that they will implement nothing of their stretch goals and other tech specs, like printing with ABS, heated printbed, auto-calibration and auto-feeding in the final machine! Really bad! And against all kickstarter rules!