Monday, October 28, 2013

Koh Poh Koon: More than an MP

I was just complaining about Raymond Lim yesterday calling him out as a paper minister. Koh Poh Koon whom the PM feels can be more than an MP (wrong words PM because MPs are not less than Ministers) needs to be educated by experienced admin officers that what he had proposed here is good only for programming a computer game. Real life is not like that.

Just a simple thought experiment. We all move to Finland and the Finnish relocate here. What do you think would happen to education? This is a deep issue and our smart people are treating it too superficially.

Smart guys need between one to three world class smart guys to lead them. That's what we are missing. Government by committee History have told us is ultimately an oxymoron.

Update: 11:20am

Kishore Mahbubani was one of our top diplomats. He was also a ranked intellectual but alas he is just one of our very smart but not smart enough guys. For him to perform, he needed to be guided by even smarter bosses as when he was representing us. Now as his own man running the LKY school of public policy he has turned into an impractical idealist.

He asked his wife if they should not get out of the USD totally but forgot where do you go then? He didn't notice that Gold wasn't moving up. People remember 2011. It was a somewhat similar script. The US is not defaulting but Congress need to know just in case they didn't that we notice or care that not paying their debts is not an option.

Kishore is very smart but you are only useful if you carry and think of yourself less smart they you are and what others think of you. That in the end is the truer reason why Americans do not read your three books.

He complained of American insularity, oblivious to how the world's opinion of the USA is changing and that they need to know but conveniently ignore that here in small and open Singapore, we never succeeded at getting most people beyond bread and butter issues. America today have a far greater challenge at putting food on the table and wondering if they are not evicted from their homes.

Go help the poor and if you can't pray for them often. You will find that when you help them in their mysterious ways they give you even more than they received from you. You will be more practical and useful. You wouldn't have written this article because you will also feel more acutely for the Americans on food stamps.

It is bad to be poor. It is no good to be rich. It is best to be poor on the way to becoming rich. Let's do that again but cleverly. Help the poor generously. Our KPIs will start to look stupid as you surprise yourself with the many unexpected blessings coming.

Update: 11:50am

Alvin Lim CEO of Bizlink Centre. It's the Meaning.

Update: October 30

Here is something for Kishore Mahubani who believes that the Americans only read their own. See Pastor Joseph Prince, e.g.,

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