Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chan Chun Sing: No to adultery site

I cannot agree more with the minister to keep this evil site out of here. I would have opposed homosexuality vigorously in another time and place long ago and far away, but that chance and in no small part is the failure of the Church had passed. Churches by and large have forgotten the message and impetus of grace. They don't even know where and how to begin.

I don't know if decades from now adultery might be accepted like homosexuality is increasingly but now we must spare no efforts to oppose it. Actually, I am not optimistic. Already marital infidelity is rampant but not in the public space. It is likely to become more public over time as the stigma fades and then we would gradually accommodate and then accept it. There is the superior way of grace but the churches by and large have no blinking idea what it is. My hunch is God will forget about the churches and as usual has his own ways to bring us back from the brink of destroying ourselves. At that time marital fidelity will be cool again as people missed getting married, staying married and bringing up children in strong families. It will come but not through our efforts. This is grace from above and very different from the post card Christian families who are more for show than substance. They look good but often you don't find them attractive. They can be good because they have navigated themselves into safe zones often with wealth and power, i.e., they are not inclusive and cannot stand the test of real life and its many trials. Sure they are boring as hell too and their bored children will end up making very different choices from their parents. That is where their Christian witness often end. No wonder many pastors have problem raising their kids in the 'fear of the Lord'.

Many of these kids would be promiscuous and adulterous....but some of them would come back to God but not in the manner of their parents - in truth. Many grand children and this is so many years later, would discover Grace but they will produce children, grand children or great grand children like their own grand parents or great grand parents. The cycle starts all over again. On and on this will go on till Kingdom comes. Nobody has the right or power to bring the world to and end except the one who made the world.

Update: 1:10pm

Why didn't I make it clear in my main post? Obviously Ashley Madison have judged that they will be profitable here, i.e., they are meeting latent demand. I did write earlier that marital infidelity is rampant. This society is one step away from indulging in extramarital sex publicly, that's all.

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