Thursday, January 27, 2011

Installing MioTV

The installed MioTV for us today but it only lasted for a few minutes. They had to disconnect the Aztech DLS 1000ER modem. I can't find my orignal Singtel issued modem. I could have given it away a few years back.

Now do I want to cough up $68 for the modem or return the set top box to them. I have one month to think this over after which I will have to pay $9.90/month for a minimum of 12 months.

The thought of researching and understanding this IP-TV over twisted copper wires, unpredictable stability, is 6 mbps pushing it? I am not sure I want to make the effort.

Brands can no longer be trusted. The hidden cost hasn't surface yet. Not going to be pretty.

The tech before the MioTV chap visited first. He wanted to help me with cabling but my DSL point is in the study and the TVs are in the living and bedrooms. It is not practical to lay the ethernet cable. He suggested he gave me some free cable and made a really long one for me on the spot. It was useful when the MioTV guy came shortly after. Without this I would have to cart one of the TV into the study for the test.

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