Sunday, January 23, 2011

Haagen Daz

We have a $20 voucher for Haagan Daz whch is expiring end of the month. There is pressure to get rid of it. We have been keeping it for far too long. We used to patronize their outlets when we were living in Dubai but back in Singapore, we haven't stepped into one since we got back. I find their prices just way over the top. One scoop is $5.50, two scoops in a cup will set you back $9.50. The waiter recommended a pint and she was right, but we just want to used it up there and then. So we traded our voucher for two cups of two scoops each. The girl had two scoops of Belgian Choc and I opted for Raspberry like I always had in Dubai.

I didn't enjoy this as much. Two scoops was too much.

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