Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changing Education Paradigms

Just saw this on YouTube. It is a devastating critique of the educations systems today. This is not difficult to do. What isn't solved is a viable proposal to replace it. Then there is the difficult power plays that would bring it about. It is going to be messy.

Kids can't wait for tomorrow because they will grow up and grow old. For now we have to make the best of what available, which is what I have been trying to impress on my kids all these years. At the same time, to avoid damage I do not allow them to slave at the system to get the best academic scores. There will be collateral damage in the subterranean and depressing disillusionment later when they find a degree isn't as valuable as hoped. I foresaw all these long ago. I refused to appear for convocation and only did at the behest of my parents. I do not have a proper graduation photo from university. My mom had a blurry one on her dressing table. She was so proud of it. When my younger brother and sister also graduated, my photo with her didn't make way for theirs.

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