Saturday, August 27, 2011

Before voting, here was President Abraham Lincoln

It is raining heavily outside. No morning walk today and no early trip to the polling stations to cast our votes for the next President. I had spent the last couple of hours researching air fares for our trip to San Francisco, the kids most popular destination, that I didn't check facebook as per my habit.

John Piper had something to share as I flip to my facebook wall. How appropriate a message on Abraham Lincoln when we choose a President today.

Perhaps a picture perfect first family although desirable, the lack thereof may conceal a special President. So just stick with the man and accept the family that goes with it. None of the prospective First Wives as far as we can tell is remotely like Mary Todd anyway.

No President moves me like Lincoln. Look at his long face. So much for the joy of the Lord is my strength. Of course that's true that joy was present which fill the letters he had written to the common people. Shallow types among us have no blinking idea faking it and confusing new seekers of the Faith. In joy, Lincoln and Mother Teresa were connected. As their roles were different, the display were also not the same.

America was a nation far more divided that we are? Now who among the four is the most unifying?

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  1. Realistically, it is hard
    to unite Singaporeans.
    However, the President that
    is able to care for the
    wellbeing of All the
    individualistic citizens
    will be better than one
    that lords over his subjects.