Saturday, August 20, 2011

Choosing a President or a First Family?

Unlike the other wives, who had stood expressionless, I first noticed that she smiled appropriately during nomination day as Tan Jee Say addressed his supporters.

Patricia Tan, Jee Say's wife cuts an impressive figure. Just reminded me that the First Lady has a more significant role to play than the PM's wife, which ought to be nil. Totally forgot that in state offices, her photo is also displayed.

Have not seen the wives of the other presidential candidate in interviews. I imagine the other three potential First Ladies would find it hard to equal her. Easily she would be a great asset in diplomacy.

This EP thing is confusing. Do we actually just choose the President or ought we also factor the First Lady in our vote decision? I remember the wives of our prior Presidents had important roles.


  1. Go for the family. A clear winner.

  2. Women hold half of the earth.

  3. Impressive interview....I like her giving clear and direct answers. Behind every successful man is a clever and observant woman, as the saying goes. Cool.

    She's a lady! Indeed.

  4. I will vote any man
    and woman who has