Thursday, April 28, 2011

Which one? PAP or SDP for Holland-Bukit Timah

Let their videos talk. The incumbent first but if you have no patience then skip to the SDP one below because they are under resourced they had to keep it short and very low cost.

And here is the one from SDP that is going viral. Emotional, no substance but you are likely to love it.

and you know their manifestos cannot be more different. The PAP is scarce on details because they are clueless and have since adopted Deng's dictum of crossing the river by feeling the pebbles underneath. As for the SDP, these young upstarts do not know what they are in for and if their plans are achievable. Their manifesto is at

As for the PAP, don't bother to get the link. Everyone of us have a hard copy of it in four languages. They also have countless vehicles with loud hailers to wake you up from your siesta crying to you to vote for them.

Voting is serious business. I will think over carefully before making my choice. One thing is sure, I don't like my MP and his Minister. Why his boss likes them, I don't understand. How can I ever understand? They are so opaque. So don't believe everything in the PAP's video. We lived it we know. Come on, I have a daughter with learning disability. They promised something on that. Not true! As for SDP, there is nothing to believe. Just note that the PAP dirtied the place and the SDP picked up after them. I guess their little gesture of living their slogan, "We love Singapore"

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