Monday, April 18, 2011

The PAP manifesto: So you are clueless

I am using this to remind myself the stupidity of Lim Swee Say defence of the PAP manifesto I just read on CNA website.

I didn't bother to think beyond the first thrust of the PAP manifesto. If you can think, you would know it is unnecessary once you have knocked down their first point. Now Lim Swee Say unaware of his illogic is double confirming it all over for me.

In one word, the PAP is CLUELESS. I am not expecting some grand theory that is good enough to help illuminate mankind into the future, but they do not have a sufficient grasp of the driving forces today beyond being bewildered by it all and can only say this: The future is highly uncertain. Granted, we would of course have to be very adaptable and flexible. What choice have we got if our leaders are intellectually not up making sense of the rising complexity of the new world?

Therefore we must identify and choose smarter leaders. The PAP has been short changing themselves because they are apt to choose people they trust rather than the ablest. You know the dynamics of human relationships, it is impossible to have a large company of people that you can develop deep trust. So Shamugan recommended so and so. Jayakumar also had some names to offer. The ministers and PM worked with all these admin officers. It is a very small pool of people. No wonder the smartest do not seem so smart when presented to us.

It is tiring, discouraging and demoralising to follow not smart leaders.

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  1. Everywhere it is the same. You build your own gang(s) of trusted dogs because you never know which dog(s) will bite you back.

    I suppose it is even more applicable to our case when the emerged Champion Dog keeps all the winnings within its own breed. If all his running dogs are smarter than the Champion Dog, do you think the Champion Dog will have any leg to stand in future ?

    One fine day all these gangs will be fighting and stabbing each other like what we see in so many other countries. That's probably why they have so many consolation prizes to appease the retired dogs. And it probably explain why they have to keep increasing the budget for more kennels to keep the retired dogs happy.