Thursday, March 28, 2013

TNP:..pitifully begged me for sex

Spotted TNP on the floor of Caltex along Tanjong Katong Rd this morning. Good grief, how despicable can the former SCDF chief Peter Lim get?

I agree with the Police Commissioner that Ng Boon Gay behavior was reprehensible even if he was found not guilty in court but Peter Lim has dived to a new low for ex senior civil servants.

I hope I haven't misunderstood any of them since I did not follow their cases closely. Anyway is the media always able to present the full picture? Increasingly the pressure is to sell more papers first. Given such a headline, some people must be feeling wronged already?


  1. I find it laughable that sites like and EDMW are pointing the finger at Warren Fernandez. Some people will just take any chance to take a shot at the so-called "mainstream media" huh? They are speaking as though Warren is sitting in with the TNP supervisors in their morning meeting about the layout for next day's papers. Sex sells, it is a fact. TNP doesn't do that kind of story 365 days a year though. Instead, if stories on sex annoy them so much, why don't Andrew Loh or any of the anon EDMW admins call the TNP hotline, and submit their leads on other stories? We might see more variety of front page stories then.

    1. Typical you so clever you do it syndrome. This is passe. DT