Thursday, October 2, 2014

HK Protests: The government and Beijing rational response

I have no time to think through this more deeply but I thought waiting out the protesters is the most rational and reasonable move the HK government and Beijing have done.

I hope this doesn't end with blood in the streets. My earlier post on this subject was a knee jerk reaction and perhaps my first post not written for myself or family. I haven't checked for a very long time but I recall this blog do get visitors from HK.

Like I said before, these young people have made their point and they better start thinking when to back down and go back to their studies and jobs. You can only send the strongest message to Beijing but you cannot win.

I hope and pray that the silent majority of Hong Kong will organize and tell the protesters to give up. Really, if you are so unhappy about Hong Kong's future, go make a future elsewhere. Understand that the Hong Kong that you want isn't Hong Kong but China. To remake China you have to think in terms of centuries but these kids think their lives is as long as eternity. The time frame and frame of mind is wrong.

Hong Kong is the result of China and not the other way round. A different Hong Kong can come only from a different China and for now that's is impossible.

But all is not lost. I believe these protests is privately shaping the conversation between leaders in Beijing. If Beijing would only take the small step of letting them know they have heard the message. This is the cue for the silent majority of Hongkongers to tell the protesters to stand down and go home.

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