Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hong Kong: When to run and save your lives

I saw this off my phone yesterday but it wasn't the first of many reminders that Beijing will be absolutely uncompromising. Beijing will pay any price for Hong Kong to behave because if HK doesn't China's leaders fear the whole nation would become unstable. Never mind that this will set back to square one all effort invested in wooing Taiwan to return. To Beijing that is only a question of when, the how isn't important. Beijing assumes in good time China will be irresistible. They seems intoxicated by this fallacy.

So what's the point for pointing out the obvious. The reason is the safety of the students.

Beijing will not hesitate to repeat the 1989 incident if it proves necessary. The question is how and when it might happen. I think the moment they sack CY Leung, those who cherish their lives should quickly run home. You have made your point, there is no point getting shot by the para military police. HK police will not fire on Hong Kong students but the Chinese troops will not hesitate.

Beijing doesn't even bother to try very hard to resolve the stand off. It's laziness is appalling. Therefore you can conclude that Xi Jinping may even be able to make political capital out of his opponents in a crack down on Hong Kong.

At the very least, CY Leung should have enough tactical sense to start writing letters to the parents of these students to persuade them to bring their kids home.

The trouble with Hong Kong leaders is they are not leaders but mere managers. To Hongkongers they could never step up to the plate and lead, neither could they impress Beijing.

As for the tycoons they will not try to do their part to save the place. They are only interested in safeguarding their wealth. Some of this wealth would be lost to the mainlanders. KS Li was a canary in the coal mine for those who were watching and understanding the oracles.

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