Monday, March 24, 2014

The menace of Prabowo Subianto

I don't know if Jokowi is good for peace and stability in SE Asia but if Prabowo Subianto becomes the next President of Indonesia we might find him the living being of the spirit of Sukarno and worse. Just consider how narrow minded and dumb he came across when FT invited him for a lunch interview last year.

His first foreign target would be Singapore and he is stupid enough to use the armed forces. This guy cannot think; loses his temper easily and lacks self control. He only learns by making mistakes which is already too late.

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  1. Singapore logic

    everything is zero sum

    in order to be happy someone need to be unhappy

    in order to be rich someone need to be poor

    is it education? na.. it's culture

    kiasu culture

    as simple as that