Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Gap in Engineering

Kudos to NTU for trying very hard to attract the best students to join them.

Two years ago my niece was accepted into this program but shortly after I discovered she had ended up in NUS Medicine instead.

I asked my daughter if she is interested in this course but she said no. Anyway I wouldn't encourage here either.

Engineering education at the university level here has changed. The effect is the same as streaming. Are you in the GEP? Likewise the winners are in elite programs like Renaissance Engineering or those pursuing engineering with another major. These are perceived to be the best students. In time they will leave engineering or perhaps never picked up an engineering job at all and moved into management and leadership positions. If you only have an ordinary engineering degree you will have fewer opportunities since the best have already been identified even at university. You will likely be a low wage engineer and with the passing years worry about job security.

In the working world the income gap is widening. Among and in universities an equivalent prestige and talent gap has also appeared. Looks like the lottery was decided even before they graduate.

The A levels was such an important exams isn't it?

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