Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Renewed our GBB membership

Renewed our Gardens by the Bay membership this evening and took the opportunity for a quick trip to the Flower Dome. We also went up the Skywalk after dinner at Satay by the Bay.

We were pleasantly surprised bumping into our girl's classmate when we went into the office to sign up for a new GBB membership. She is working at there until university begins. I  hope she gets into the course she is applying for because according to my daughter she didn't do very well. Seeing her reminded me that I had spent more time thinking about those I know who didn't do well than my own daughter's A levels performance. Why did so many of her friends not do better? I don't them well enough to easily learn the reasons. Nearly all of them had excellent O levels and went to the top JCs aside from RI and HCI.

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